Dick Stone (dickdiddles) wrote,
Dick Stone

just random diddling

my only memories have come to haunt me
so ive struggled to throw them all away
happiness seems to be at the bottom 
of an ocean far away but i will not let
this stop me from what i need to do
when i look into the mirror your memory
still trys to touch me so i refuse to look
into the mirror because it trys to stop me
all these promises have taken me away
i feel as i will never be back there again
but i will not drown away 

take me for a ride
you cant forgive me 
i tried to run back to you
i tried to run i better not 
i tried to stop you so i close 
my eyes here i am sitting up
at midnight this is where i feel
you the most at midnight i always feel
you running alone i tried to catch you
but it was out of my hands again 
i'd track the earth for you 
i will never throw you away
look into the mirror see the 
things that i see

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