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I don't feel at all like I thought I would, but I could probably go on like this forever............

Im the richest man on a sinking ship

and the cold water takes my breathe away

waiting for the inticipation of the end

make's thing's worse as i look around this

tragic fairy-tale I see the one's that have

lost all hope take their life's I am surrounded

by others watching everything they created and hoped

for crumble before them with just the last hope that someone

remembered who they are and not who they once were

these are the changed they are the martyr's we stand hoping

the best and hope those sunday prayers didnt go to waste

pleading with their thoughts though there's really no way

to make a difference from our coordinance for nothing will

matter were on this sinking beauty these are the things no one will

ever know but the survivor's are left to grieve and ponder these same

thought's how different the legacie's we leave then what the living

are left to believe, They refer back to the last time with that person whether

good,bad,happy, or sad it doesnt matter that truly was the end of their lifes.

my body washes ashore against the rocks. She got word to identify my

body though her last feelings have now changed to the way he had

always wanted them to be she lost his now resting soul

this cold dead corpse is all he was able to leave for the story.

it's sad this had to happen for her change of heart forever she

will grieve this soul of thee unknown.

Written by: Richard P. Stone
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