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My Regret is the world i created. Regret is the kiss that sealed my fate.

last night was very strange for me first newyears i spent alone in a while first newyears i wasnt drunk or drank anything at all first newyears i felt happy yet at the same point i had no idea why something is coming and its sweeping through me quick i really dont know what it is but i feel like i could go on like this forever it was weird being around people i normally would never hangout with exspecially on such an occasion had a pack of firecrackers blow up in my face scared the crap out of me went deaf after the mortars shot off next to me but i had a great newyears i think sometimes change is good 06 was one hell of a year for me and i know 07 will be even better im going to be saving up to be doing alot of traveling this year around the U.S. and around the world god's got plans for me that i cant even begin to comprehend and i cant wait to just walk aboard for once im not jumping ship when theres a storm that is unpredictable maybe its just faith and wisdom talking but i feel a strong calmness and peace my chihuahua jazzy turned 2 years old today my mom bought her little pork chops for a birthday dinner that has to be the most spoiled dog in the world but truly she is what drives me to be the man i need to be she's like my kid in a way as weird as that may sound she brings alot of joy into my life

The Human Face, Divine

It is all done wrong, or so it appears. It is all
done right. Eternal eyes. I am pressing on no matter
how it looks. It is all planned out. Understatement.
Lay your hands on your mouth. Negativity. I don't want
to hear it. Your cursed tongue. This is greater than
you. This is greater than me. Flawless. Increase time
and it will all fall into place. I don't care about
surroundings. I don't care about wicked words. I don't
care about surroundings. I don't care about desire. I
don't care because it is a waste of my time. Don't
out. It all comes to these words a batte field inside
my mind. Shall i take her or leave her. I will set my
sites north. I will not feed it doubt. I will not be
cursed by doubt or a concubine wife.
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