Dick Stone (dickdiddles) wrote,
Dick Stone

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the begining of the end

its cold on this shipyard
i stand here awaiting the ship
accompanied by lost beauty tempting
my every nerve to go with me on this journey
i can tell its not ready or quite strong enough
calm sea's dont make sailor's the moment
i step onto the ship of my destiny we will drink
from each others eye's. To let go of this would
be an unforgiving affair for there is a fire in
my heart of emotion knowing this night couldn't
last forever but stay with me as long as possible
for tonight the queen of the ocean will make a man
out of me the salt in the wind will be my blanket of
solace you have been drawn away by frivelous desire's
i saw through a scope over the bow of the ship dont turn
away from your true feeling's if their pure for these eyes
have not turned away we have both just lost focus this ship
is unsinkable by the destiny of the journey the anchor sinks 
and particles of sand frolic like the pieces of our lifes that fell
apart as they land trying to piece things back together tonight
on this pier will be a memory of a perfect dream brought to life
i know getting on this ship we may never see this dream again
but for what it is we can hold on to it like the anchor that sinks into
our hearts i hate to see you choke on the blood of our mistakes for
you have already been blessed for the past has witherd away like autumn leave's
this is a fresh start so follow your destiny whether ours will ever cross no one can tell
those questions of uncertainty made me very hesitint though im sure you noticed
for it took preparation and time to make my answer known though one may not of agreed
it is my final answer for the conclusion will no longer be a burden in this heart where blood
and fire bring rest  soon this will all drown away i pray for the guidence and mercy on us both
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