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When The Sky Falls And The World Burns

Now Your Doing The Waltz With Your Murderer!!

Dick Stone
22 April
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The Best Lover's are Murderer's First.
18visions, 7angels 7plagues, 90 pound wuss, american nightmare, american nothing, and sometimes i....., anthem, as i lay dying, bane, bass, beloved, blindfolded, blood brothers, blood for blood, bornblind, bury your dead, cape coral, cast in stone, ceasefire, chasm, chick musicians are hot, chocolate schmooze, circle takes the square, comeback kid, converge, crustpunk, crutch, crux, curl up and die, darkesthour, daughters, dead elizebeth, dead to the world!, dennys, dick stone, die hard youth, dodgin bullets, drums, ebay, edge of mortality, everdown, evergreen terrace, everytime i die, figurefour, focalpoint, food not bombs, friends, give up the ghost, god, good, good practices., good pratices, good shows, guitars, hardcore, hardcore chicks, holy molar, hopesfall, indwelling, innermeans, iyi, jiyuna, keepsake, kick the floorboard, kill your idols, klank, lights for nero, liquidcafe, living sacrifice, me without you, memories, mike milone, mike's red cool-aid pants, misery signals, music, nathan langfield, nevertheless, no innocent victim, nope, normajean, not waving but drowning, overcome, pig destroyer, point of recognition, remembering never, roadside monument, screamo, screamo chicks, screeching weasels, shai-hulud, showbread, siasha, sleeping by the riveside, some girls, soul embraced, steak n shake, stretch armstrong, strongarm, tattoos, the ifb, the locust, the locut, thee assault, thee pirates, through it all, torn in two, training for utopia, underoath, unfisted, until the end, upsidedown room, vocals, warlord, xdiciplex a.d., xstraightedgex, your mother, youth in submission, youth of today, zao